Do you let your face fly fancy-free?

From the tumblr “saved by the bell hooks”

I was at a party on the weekend and had some interesting conversations with some cool people that I had just met. One of those cool people told me about this awesome new tmblr called saved by the bell hooks that mashes up images from Saved by the Bell and quotes from Bell Hooks:

It is such a clever name and idea! Bell Hooks is a very quotable author who writes about feminism/gender, race and capitalism, while Saved by the Bell is an old, cringe worthy show that had my 12-year-old feminist self squirming in my seat when I watched it. Saved by the Bell really does get saved by Bell Hooks when her quotes are paired with images from the show, helping me replace some of the gag-worthy memories of the show with happy ones.

As I started looking through the tumblr when I got home, I quickly came across the image above. It was so fitting because it reminded me of another conversation I had with a different cool person that I met that night. This cool person shocked me when she said that she never leaves her house without a full face of makeup, and that her parents were the only people who have seen her fresh faced (aka without makeup). This was something that she wanted to change, but didn’t feel ready to yet.

I don’t think that there is anything wrong with having fun with makeup – you’ll be seeing a lot of makeup posts on our blog – but I do think that it’s very important that you enjoy your natural face as well. I try to spend half of the week either makeup free, or with very little makeup (including work days), and it feels great to do so! Not only do I get to sleep in longer, it is very empowering to feel content with what you actually look like, and realize that no one really cares if you have makeup on or not (and realize that you don’t care if they care).

If you are someone who always wears makeup because it makes you feel fabulous, then get it girl! But if you are someone that can never be seen without makeup because you are scared of what others will think of you, you might want to try the “phase out”. If going out one day bare faced is too much for you, why don’t you try just wearing a bit of blush and mascara? Then when you are comfortable with that, try just wearing blush or bronzer (both can go a very long way). Soon you will be able to be fresh faced and have a bellowing voice inside your head saying, “This is me world! Hi :)”

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