Test Dummies: Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser

Image Source: Andalou.com

My skin is a bit on the dry side- even drier when it’s winter and the fact that it was creamy instead of a typical foam, didn’t have any fragrance/parfum/perfume (I’m trying to cut all of that out of all my products) and had Manuka honey as an ingredient appealed to me. It was also on sale…

Regular price it’s $12.95, but I bought my bottle from a local grocery store on sale for $9.99.

I have dry and somewhat sensitive skin, but this didn’t break me out and I’m a big lover of honey. I’ve tried cleansing with honey before when I was struggling with dermatitis and it really soothed my face. The only thing that bothered me was that it didn’t always remove all my eye make up – even if I washed my eye area twice. It would get all my face make up, but I’d sometimes have to go back to get the eye leftovers with another product.

For daily make up, I typically wear mascara on my eyes, unless I’m being fancy, and my current mascara of choice is by tarte whose ingredient list isn’t too bad, but when I’d blindly wash my face in the shower I could always tell when I didn’t pay enough attention to my eye area when I got out because I looked like I put grey eyeshadow on.

You could use a pump of the cleanser on a damp facecloth to remove your eye make up. Or better yet, you could use an eye make up remover or coconut oil (which is what I started to do). I just don’t love pulling at my eyes more than I have to, but really for $10 I don’t feel right complaining. I had just come off using the Easy Does It Cleanser, which I LOVED, so I think that sort of made me a little more critical. Mind you, that face wash is closer to $30, so this is another option that will run you far less.

I do like this for daily washing and it’s a great inexpensive and natural face wash, I would be comfortable recommending and buying it again – especially because of the price, but I am a bit of a product junkie so I’ll probably try something new when this runs out.

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