Ethical and Cruelty-Free Beauty Subscription Services: Petit Vour

wi-fi organic

I’m trying to transition all my makeup and skin care to natural, cruelty-free products and it’s going well so far. I feel like there is way more variety at Whole Foods or your local supermarket, drug store etc. than before, but some natural brands can be preeeetty pricey. To the point where, when I buy something and it isn’t working, it bums me and my wallet out.

It’s tough to get samples at the grocery store, and I could just return the full size product if it’s not working out, but I hate being wasteful and always ask myself: “Where do those lightly used products go once people return them?”. I ended up asking someone at Sephora what they would do with a concealer I was returning and they said it would probably be thrown out…

kim zol eyes


I guess I would feel funky using a sampled concealer, but I can’t get down with that system. Moral of the story: I like the option of sampling different items without wasting money or product.

Enter Petit Vour, a monthly beauty subscription service with the mission statement to:

“…Provide access to the best animal-free products and make kindness the standard in the luxury beauty market because we believe that animals shouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives for our pursuit of beauty.”

Right up my alley, I like trying out luxurious things, I’m all about that cruelty-free life. Any products that don’t work for me can be quickly used up or shared with a loved one. I also really like that they stress natural ingredients and that many of the brands are smaller businesses. So I’m excited to try products that wouldn’t typically make it to my local stores (list of brands they stock), or would be really expensive if purchased separately in it’s full size.

The price for each box is $23/month for 4-5 vegan products, which I can handle for a few months until I figure out how I’m liking the overall service and a big bonus is that I can share my thoughts on the products with you, so stay tuned!


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