Test Dummies: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Coconut Magic Lotion

Dr. Bronners Lotion

I was in the habit of using coconut oil to moisturize after I showered, but sometimes that can get a bit oily/takes a while to absorb. I thought I’d try something new and really like Dr. Bronner’s products, so gave this lotion a shot.

$13.99 for 237 ml

I really like this lotion, the consistency is more of a mix between an oil and a cream. It’s kind of runny, but absorbs quickly and I don’t need that much to moisturize my whole bod (4-5 pumps). I also really like how smooth it makes my skin feel after using it and doesn’t have a heavy scent.

The ingredients are organic and cruelty free, which is another big plus for me, and it’s great for dry skin in the winter because of the mixture of oils (avocado, hemp, lavender, coconut etc.).

Picture of the consistency, it's not like a liquid or oil, but it's runnier than a body butter or traditional cream.

Picture of the consistency, it’s not fully a liquid or oil, but it’s runnier than a body butter or traditional cream.

I did notice there was alcohol in the ingredients, which may be why it absorbs so quickly. I couldn’t find a rating for this product on the EWG- may be too new, but Dr. Bronner’s manifesto is all about ethical and environmental products, so I’m going to trust them. I’ve had it for a few weeks and so far I really like it.

I would buy this again, I just wish they had larger containers. I’m big on moisturizing, so an 8 oz. bottle doesn’t really cut it in the long run. If anyone knows where I could buy a bulk container of this please help a sister out and leave it in the comments below 🙂

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