The Detox Market Toronto

Image source: Detox Market Toronto

Erin and I had the pleasure of visiting the The Detox Market Toronto a few weeks ago. I’m obsessed with watching beauty/makeup videos on YouTube, and one of my favourite channels is celebrity make-up artist Jamie Greenberg. Recently, she went to the LA Detox Market, and all I could think was…

I Want To Go To There

Jamie doesn’t post exclusively about natural products, but she is so damn hilarious that I love watching her anyways. She does Kaley Cuoco’s make up, and the videos of them two together crack me up. Anyway, after I watched her video I immediately went and Googled the store to check for a website/on-line shopping, and found that they had a Toronto location:

boo yah

So off Erin and I went on what felt like the coldest day of the year, and we were greeted by smiling faces, a delicious juice bar and a tonne of natural, organic brands we’d been dying to try out (RMS!!!). The store had a beautiful open layout and a very calm vibe; we took some time to just walk around and soak everything in. Then we noticed a bunch of brands we were looking for and quickly got down to the business of trying every single sample!

The staff was amazing; the individual who helped us was knowledgeable and always there when we needed help, advice or information about a product or brand. She had a great balance of stepping in to assist when we needed it, without hovering or being pushy – so we didn’t feel pressure to buy anything, which really added to the experience.

I would consider the prices to be mid-high range, but you often get what you pay for with skin care and make up. I’m also finding that as I refine what products I use, I’m preferring to spend more money on something with clean ingredients that I love and will get a lot of use out of vs. purchasing multiple things at the drug-store that I feel “meh” about. We both ended up buying the RMS “un-cover”up (Test Dummies post coming up soon!!). I read a lot of reviews about how incredible it was on other blogs and once I swatched it on myself, I was sold.

We’re excited to go back to stock up on more natural products, and get introduced to new brands! The Detox Market carries a select number of products from Canadian companies, so if shopping and supporting local is your thing, they have you covered. If you are trying to clean up your make up and skin care products, we definitely recommend giving them a visit.

If you don’t live in Toronto or LA, not to worry, you can purchase products on-line! They ship to Canada and the US and you can sign up for 10% off your first online purchase when you go to their site. You can also stay connected via their social media– Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for up to date news on new products and deals.


367 King St. West Toronto, ON M5V-1K1
Open: Weekdays: 11am-7pm; Saturday: 10am-6pm; Sunday 12-5pm

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