Eco Tip: Wool Dryer Balls


For Earth Day, we thought that we would share a quick Eco-friendly tip that both of us have recently started doing! We simply put these wool dryer balls into the dryer with our clothes to cut down on drying time! They can decrease drying time by 30-50% by absorbing moisture, rotating the clothing, and providing better air circulation. Another benefit is that they help to decrease static and wrinkles, and they do so without adding harmful chemicals to your clothing the way static sheets do. You can also use these to add a fresh sent to your clothing by adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil; this is also much better than using scented static sheets because you are avoiding the unknown and possibly harmful “fragrance” ingredients. Lastly, these dryer balls look very cute, so they make a great gift for an Eco-concious friend! We picked up our balls from the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto, but you can also buy them online from ULAT.

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