Feel The Lean Juice Round-up

Feel the Lean Juice
I dove into the wonderful world of juicing recently, after being inspired by our Book of the Month, Feel the Lean by Loni Jane Anthony. In her book, Loni includes recipes for several smoothies and about a dozen juices. Below you’ll find a round-up of the seven juices we tested out including ingredients and some thoughts/reviews on the stand-outs.

We have more juice recipes of our own to share soon, but I’m curious, what are some of your favourite juice recipes/combos?

Typically, I’m a smoothie girl, but one of the key benefits of juicing is that the machine removes the dense plant fibre so your body can more readily absorb the plant’s nutrients. Juice is typically less filling for this reason too, but it’s worth saying that both smoothies and juices are great for you. We have plenty of smoothie recipes on the blog, but if you’re interested in juicing, go ahead and scroll through for some inspiration :).


  • orange, carrot and ginger

I liked that this had a good kick with the ginger.

P1050286  P1050283


  • Beets, oranges and watermelon

Hands down one of my favourites and it was so beautiful in the glass. I love beet juice and watermelon, mix them together and you have a winning combo.

photo 3


  • celery, apple and lemon

This one may look unappealing, or maybe I’m biased because I don’t LOVE celery, but I was so surprised with how tasty it was. I could barely taste the celery because the sweetness of the apply shined through, boo-yah!

P1050289  P1050291


  • cucumber, kale, apple, celery and lemon

P1050299  P1050301


  • apple, and carrot

P1050304  P1050306


  • Oranges and mango (book also calls for aloe, which I didn’t include it. I’d like to try it next time)

This was another stand-out/favourite of the bunch, very yummy and very simple to make.



  • Beet, apple and lime

I was drawn to all of the beet-based juices, this was sweet and delicious despite the lime in it.

P1050310  P1050312

I’ve already mentioned how beautiful this book is, but the food/beverages have also been really delicious so far. It’s full of clean, simple recipes and helpful information, even if you’re not into eating a solely plant-based diet, I’m certain you will find food or lifestyle inspiration within its pages.

Interested in exact ingredient amounts for all the juices above (as well as more awesome recipes, photos and information? Visit: http://feelthelean.com/ to order a copy of Feel the Lean.


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