Petit Vour Box March 2015

Another month over and another Petit Vour box to review! Last month’s subscription box was good, but this one was way better. I’m excited to share my thoughts on April’s all-natural and cruelty free products!


  1. The Little Alchemist, Cacao & Banana Face Glow – full size
    • I’ve tried this mask a few times now, I’ve even left it on a breakout over night and it helped soothe the spot but wasn’t super drying, which is the main reason I liked it so much. It claims to help with inflammation and it did for me. It was also a nice treat as full mask because again – it didn’t dry out my face like most clay-based masks do. It’s also synthetic fragrance free, but smells sweet (like a smoothie I want to drink) and you don’t need a tonne for it to work; you mix the powder with water and can dilute it to your liking.  My skin has been in good shape this month, but I definitely enjoyed using this mask. Two thumbs up!
  2. Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular CC Cream – 0.5 oz sample
    • Another awesome product, from a brand I really like. I have the tinted moisturize from Juice Beauty, and I actually prefer this CC Cream. Both have a mineral SPF in it, which is why I originally bought the tinted moisturizer, but the CC cream has a nicer consistency and absorbs a little better into my skin. Both products have a very light/low coverage (which I prefer), they give a slight wash of colour, so that’s something to note. Overall, an amazing product, I’m already running low :(.
  3. Vert Mont Perfumery, EROS Wellness Perfum – 1.5 ml sample
    • I am not a fragrance person AT ALL, when I saw another perfume sample in the box I was initially bummed.  However, this was my favourite item this month. This fragrance is earthy and sweet and has no synthetics (*woop woop*).  If I am smelling funky, or want something soothing to wear I will dab some near my armpits or around my neck. Not too strong and warms with your skin to build the scent. Love it.
  4. Metropolis Soap Co., Lip Butter – full size
    • This is a nice lip balm that makes my lips feel like butter. No strong scent, no tingling peppermint feeling (big bonus for me) and a smooth application and texture. Very rich formula, another winner.


There was not one product I didn’t fully enjoy in this month’s beauty box. I was really impressed and happy with everything in the end, the Spring Dreaming edit was a hit in my books. All of the samples were a good size and the products felt luxurious.

I am curious to see how the Cacao & Banana Face Glow mask does on another spot/breakout (not that I want my skin to flare up). I have been thinking of purchasing the full size, but want to give it a good test before taking the plunge. I received my April 2015 box a couple of days ago, let’s see how that one measures up to March’s!

Have you tried any of these products or brands out? What were your thoughts, any recommendations??


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