Test Dummies: Joyous Health Minty Fresh Toothpaste

Joyous Health Minty Fresh Toothpaste


I wanted to alternate my typical routine of brushing my teeth with soap (more on that here), with a paste that had a baking soda base. Erin just featured Joyous Health as her Book of the Month and I wanted to learn more about it, so I checked out Joy’s website. Guess what… she has a toothpaste with a baking soda base (SCORE).

When I visited The Yoga Show last month I knew I wanted to pop by the Joyous Health booth to purchase it. Little did I know, Joy would be there in real life. She was so kind and helpful, I was going to buy the toothpaste anyways, but it made me feel extra happy that I was supporting a local business and a fellow female!


$15.50 for 60 ml. You can purchase this through Joy’s website here.


I wish I had taken photos of my mouth before so I could prove this, but I feel like my teeth were whiter after using this paste. It doesn’t foam like the soap method, which was a nice change and it left my mouth minty afterwards which I also enjoyed. I did notice it was really sweet compared to the soap… but then I had to remind myself – I’ve been using soap to brush my teeth for months, anything is going to taste sweeter. The xylitol, which is what gives the paste sweetness, is supposed to be good for your oral hygiene because it helps remove bacteria by balancing your mouth’s ph. So the paste isn’t just sweet for the sake of being sweet.

Although it was nice to feel like my teeth got whiter, the whitening abilities of brushing with baking soda wasn’t what motivated me to try this toothpaste. I was looking for something that could break down plaque and add diversity to my routine. This definitely helped with that, but I will mention that some people find brushing with baking soda to be really abrasive, so use sparingly if you have tooth sensitivities. I used this toothpaste in between brushing with soap so I didn’t experience any sensitivity, which was great.

If you’re worried about the container seeming small, trust me it’ll lasts longer than you’d think. I’ve barely made a dent in mine and it’s been over a month of almost daily use. You need less than a pea size to brush each time.


I’m happy brushing my teeth with soap, but I’m equally happy using this paste. I like that the ingredients are all natural and I’ll likely keep swapping back and forth between the two methods to keep my teeth/mouth guessing. 😀

If you were interested in trying out a baking soda based paste or just a more natural toothpaste in general, I would definitely recommend this one.

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