Better late than never, right???Petit Vour April 2015 Box SubscriptionI’m pretty backlogged in writing these reviews, but I’m going to try to catch up before the summer ends, so wish me luck.  Oh, and please don’t think the lack of posting reviews is because I don’t like the products. I actually get really excited to receive the box each month. I wouldn’t repurchase every product I’ve tried, but I have found some real gems, which is great.

One thing to note is that the price for the subscription is a little more expensive in Canada – I believe it is $15/month in the USA for each box, and $23/month in Canada. With taxes and customs, I pay around $27, which I’m comfortable with because I’m sort of a product junkie and I’m happy to support cruelty-free companies and learn about brands that are vegan and largely organic or natural. If you’re interested in signing up for the service, check out our link here.


  1. Lauren B, Nail Polish –  full bottle ($18 value)
    • This nail polish is nicely pigmented, you can get away with one coat, and it applies really smoothly. I like to wear neutral colours on my hands, but this is a great toe polish shade. It’s also 5-free, so it doesn’t have the nasties that most nail polishes include, like formaldehyde (gross…). I wouldn’t repurchase this specific colour (Polo Lounge Punch), but I would LOVE to buy Sunset Tower once I use up some of my other polishes.
  2. Kongac Sponge Co. – Konjac Sponge ($12 value)
    • I am not a fan of Konjac Sponges in general, so this item wasn’t a hit for me. I know there are some that swear by these because they are meant to balance the pH of your skin, but this wasn’t my favourite. Erin really likes her sponge from One Love Organics, but I prefer a dry brush or hot cloth if I’m going to be doing anything fancy with my skincare. No repurchase :(.
  3. Suntegrity, 5 in 1 Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen (BB cream)  – 0.25 oz. tester
    • This product I really liked, it was too light in colour to use all over my face, but the texture is really smooth and I ended up using it like a concealer on and around my eyes – still using it up actually and it’s September, so a little went a long way.  It brightens my under-eyes, provides a lot of moisture and protects me from the sun because it’s SPF 30. A full 1.7 oz. product costs $45, which is a little more expensive than I’d like to pay as I already have a similar product from Juice Beauty, but if you’re looking for a nice tinted moisturizer with SPF in it, this would be a good fit. It also rated a 1 on the EWG scale, so it’s a nice clean product you can invest in and I would recommend it.
  4. Box Naturals, Luxe Towelettes – 2 sachets
    • These were fine (which may be the most, “meh” adjective to give a product). I ended up packing them in my bag for when I sweated and my arm pits needed a little freshening up, but I think wipes like this can be wasteful and although these are biodegradable, a lot of the brands in stores don’t break down, so I like to avoid them altogether. That being said, if you do enjoy towelettes, this would be a great alternative for you because they will break down and contain no fragrance or synthetic ingredients. I would recommend them as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly alternative to people who like to use towelettes on the regular.


While I didn’t love everything in the April 2015 box, I did find a couple of nice brands to dive into a bit more and share, specifically Lauren B, who has some beautiful nail polish shades. Overall, it was kind of a bummer that I’m not a Konjac Sponge or toilette gal because that made up half of the products, but I’ve kind of surrendered to the fact that not every product is going to be perfect for me and part of the fun/experience is testing things out. It’s still nice to discover new brands and I look forward to sharing my experience with the May 2015 box!


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