Petit Vour May 2015 Box Review

Petit Vour May 2015 Box

Let’s get right into it…


  1. Lippy Girl, Vegocentric Organic Lipstick–  full size ($23 value)
    • I received Snog Me, and the colour wasn’t super flattering on my lips (it’s an orangey-brown and I felt like when I put it on alone, it made my teeth look a bit yellow).  So, I’ve been using this on my cheeks as a cream blush and I love it.  I actually look like I have warpaint on my face when I apply it, I put a streak on each cheek and a line across each temple and blend it in with a dense make up brush, like this one.  I also really like this product because the tube is %100 recyclable.
  2.  NYL, Shimmer Scrub – 2 oz. sample
    • Not going to lie to you, I have yet to try this product because of the shimmer in it.  I didn’t want it to transfer to my clothes and I was trying to save it for a fancy occasion where my legs would be on display. However…if I try it and it blows my socks off I’ll post a mini review on our Instagram.
  3. Zabana Essentials, Dry Glow Shampoo
    • LOVE this dry shampoo!! I was worried that because it was white it would show up like baby powder on my roots, but it left no white residue on my dark (nearly black) roots, and the smell is amazing! I have tried tinted dry shampoo, and it wasn’t bad, but this blows it out of the water. It feels weightless, no build-up just a fresh smell with less oil. Highly recommend.
  4. Mun, No. II Anarose Toner
    • Bare in mind that the sample only gave me two uses, but I didn’t like this toner… The smell wasn’t for me, a bit strong and not up my alley. Plus, with something like skincare, to give such a small sample isn’t worth it in my eyes.  Skincare products, on me, take more than one use to see if it works so I can’t confidently say I sampled how well the toner worked, but I can say I didn’t dig the scent.

Okay, only 4 more boxes to review before I’m caught up!! I wish I could get the box and instantly tell you what I like, but I really enjoy taking my time to test out what I receive each month, so I do apologize for the delay but I hope the reviews are helpful when deciding on what you want to purchase off the site.

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