No More Dirty Looks

I get asked what all natural beauty/skin care products I use quite a bit by friends and family, so I thought I would quickly post about one of the websites that has helped me as I transition to all natural skincare and make up, please say hello to…


No More Dirty Looks (NMDL) is a website that launched in 2010, it’s also a book and a community for people who are passionate about natural beauty, wellness and healthy living. Founded by co-authors Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, these ladies are queens of green beauty in my eyes. Their book, posts and the website community helped me personally deal with a dermatitis flare a few winters ago (more on that soon…) so I feel like it’s my duty to support and share my love of their site.

Some things you’ll find on NMDL:

  • Beauty Reviews – Think shampoo, eye shadow, skin care, basically all things beauty
  • Giveaway – NMDL partners with amazing brands for Friday deals!
  • Morning Routine – One of my favourite parts of the site because I’m nosey and like to get a peak into peoples beauty routines. I love that they include the climate each person lives in, age, etc. I find it really helpful when trying to find new products that work for my skin and hair type.

One thing about the Morning Routine section is that not all of the products mentioned (those posts are often submitted by readers) are clean. If there is any advice I could give someone who is trying to transition to a more holistic lifestyle it’s: DO YOUR RESEARCH. I feel that, personally, learning more about how food is processed, what ingredients are harmful, what names are used to hide toxins etc. has been an important and really empowering step in my lifestyle shift so I encourage others to do the same :).

  • Nutrition and Food – Think Meatless Monday recipes, health tips and more, because having beautiful skin starts with your insides friends.

If you have never seen this site before and like to hear other people’s experiences with products, open a new tab and enjoy the hours you will spend down the rabbit hole of clean beauty.

Looking for more clean beauty resources or beauty blogs… another set of resources I’d like to highlight (eventually with their own posts) are the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Webpage , Gurl Gone Green and the Think Dirty App.  Those are some solid resources for people looking to get rid of toxins in their beauty routine, cause those dirty suckers are hiding in all sorts of ingredients :P.

If you have any all natural, green or vegan beauty blogs you love and would like to share, please do! We LOVE scoping out other websites and seeing new (or new to us) products.


  1. It’s an ongoing research project to find clean beauty products. I’ll think I have it all taken care of and suddenly will realize I’ve never read the ingredients label of something, like my favorite deodorant for example, and then it’s back to the research!

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  2. This post is so perfect right now! I’m looking for a new Facial Cleanser (ideally will also get my mascara off!)because I just discovered mine is rated an 8 on EWG’s database eep!! I read through some of your posts – what is your all time favourite?


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