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Welcome to Kicking It Whole School, a blog created by two sister-friends as a place to share healthy recipes, green beauty, natural products, helpful resources, and our experiences with living a more holistic lifestyle. This blog is about nourishing your body with real, whole foods, and finding natural ways to live and do the things that you love. Healthy food is delicious! Natural make-up is awesome! Living holistically is easier than you think :). It’s all about informing yourself and finding what works for your personal health, taste buds and lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our site, and come back to visit often.

Erin & Sasha



I have always been very passionate about food, but it wasn’t until rather recently that I started to think about how food affected my health, rather than just focusing on how it affected my taste buds :). For most of my life I believed that I could eat whatever junk I wanted, and was proud of how my digestive system could “handle anything!” However, I have realized that this wasn’t really true. Unfortunately my body was no longer very happy with some aspects of my lifestyle, and it showed it’s dislike in the form of chronic sinus issues and a weak immune system.

I have had sinus issues for over a decade now that had been continuously getting worse. I originally went the “normal” route of speaking with my family doctor, and then going to different specialists. I had many different tests, and tried many different antibiotics and nasal sprays. Nothing I was trying seemed to help me, so I decided to look into my problems with a more holistic approach. I met with a naturopath, holistic nutritionist and an osteopath to see if I could turn my health around naturally. After identifying some food sensitivities, and using food and supplements to work on my gut health, I am finally seeing big improvements! I felt extremely inspired by seeing my health respond so well to my new eating habits that I decided that I wanted to keep learning about living holistically. I’ve recently committed to this learning by going back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist! Although I am only part way through the program, I feel like I have gained so much new knowledge that I want to share. Basically, I am having so much fun learning about and transitioning into a more holistic lifestyle, that I would like to share my experiences with you!

– Erin


Tree Hugging

Tree Hugging

That’s me! Growing up, I didn’t really think of myself as being holistically minded, I just had a strong connection with my sweet Grandma and the way she did things. She played a big role in my life, and was raised on a farm before coming to Canada, so always encouraged us to play outside, had an amazing flower and vegetable garden and thought aloe vera could cure everything.

Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve taken steps to keep connected with the things she taught me, while also learning more about how I can live my life more holistically. I cut meat out of my diet in 2009 after watching a series of documentaries. I like to think of this moment in my life as the time “things got real” and it showed me that I should be paying closer attention to how I grow, select and buy my food… as well as how it’s treated before it reaches me.

Since switching to a more plant-based diet, I’ve also started to educate myself and cut out a lot of toxins from the cleaning and beauty products I use. I love learning about holistic living (I’m a bit of a beauty/make up product junkie!) and how I can attempt to do things in a whole, natural way. It’s something that Erin and I have definitely bonded over during our years of friendship, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you too!









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