VIDEO + RECIPE: Garden to Table – Kale Pesto with Roasted Tomatoes and Potatoes


We were so happy to team up with Loam Magazine again to bring you this video highlighting sustainable eating while sharing one of our healthy recipes. The majority of the ingredients used in this dish were either grown in our garden, or grown locally from an organic farm. We realize that it is the middle of Winter in Canada, but we hope this will be some inspiration for anyone interested in growing their own garden since March tends to be a good month to start seeds indoors.

If you don’t have a green thumb, not to worry! There are still other options for people looking for local, organic produce, some of which include local food shares, and farmers markets. Also, if you’re concerned that it’s cold and winter, most food shares are year round and provide bins of produce throughout all seasons.



Organic Gardening Series: Part 2


Coffee Grounds Compost Organic Garden


Organic Gardening Series: Part 1

Organic Gardening

These are our little seedlings that will be planted in the garden this year, can you guess what is what?

This year Erin and I will be planting a food garden in the backyard so we can have local, organic produce during the late spring through to early fall.  We really wanted to share this experience with you to show how easy and fun organic gardening can be at home.