Butter Bean Chilli with Cashew Cream

If you’re looking for a protein packed, vegan main that’s also gluten-free, you have to try this chilli with cashew cream. It is so flavourful and fresh plus it’s a neat way to incorporate butter (aka lima) beans into a meal. If you’ve been wanting to expand your legume cooking roster farther than black, kidney and chickpeas like me, this is a great dish to experiment with.


Roasted Tomato and Kale Rice Pasta (GF, DF)

Roasted Tomato Rice Pasta


My godmother is an amazing cook. She once made a roasted tomato dish and I wanted to give it a shot with my own gluten-free twist. This meal is hearty, flavourful and if you’re a pasta lover (like me), but you can’t eat gluten (like Erin), then you have nothing to worry about with this pasta.