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Pineapple Smoothie


Here is another beautiful pastel Spring Smoothie! I love when I end up with a smoothie that is nutritious, delicious AND nice to look at! Sometimes I make smoothies that end up looking like swamp water, and people at work are like “uhhh, what’s that..”, and I have to defend it’s honour by declaring how delicious it is! It’s nice when I don’t have to do that 🙂


Watermelon and Mint Lemonade for Mother’s Day

Watermelon Lemonade

Earlier today we posted this Watermelon-Mint-Lemonade on our Instagram account. It’s an incredibly easy and healthy drink to make for any picnic, BBQ or in this case –Mother’s Day. 🙂 It takes almost no time to make, is refreshing and doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach, so it’s great for the summer months.  It’s also super healthy for both you and your mom!

Watermelon is roughly 90% water, so it provides a lot of hydration as well as Vitamin A, C and natural lycopene. Lycopene is a phytonutrient and antioxidant, you often find it in fruits and veggies that are red, like tomatoes, grapefruits etc.. Lycopene has been shown to help protect cells from damage and has been linked to cancer prevention (not too shabby…).  The lemon is another bonus ingredient, and helps with the alkalinity of your body – for more on the benefits of lemon water, click here to see an earlier post.

Lucky for me, and my mom’s health, she loves watermelon so I’m sure this will be a hit. What types of things do you do/make for your Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day?


Feel The Lean Juice Round-up

Feel the Lean Juice
I dove into the wonderful world of juicing recently, after being inspired by our Book of the Month, Feel the Lean by Loni Jane Anthony. In her book, Loni includes recipes for several smoothies and about a dozen juices. Below you’ll find a round-up of the seven juices we tested out including ingredients and some thoughts/reviews on the stand-outs.

We have more juice recipes of our own to share soon, but I’m curious, what are some of your favourite juice recipes/combos?


Watermelon Blueberry Smoothie


The beautiful pastel colour of this smoothie is just perfect for Spring! It’s also fitting for the season because it is very light and refreshing! We all know that watermelon is extremely hydrating, but it is also a great source of vitamins C and A, some B vitamins, and electrolytes. Watermelon isn’t the only ingredient in this smoothie that is great for your body; it also contains nutrient packed blueberries, hemp hearts and pumpkin seeds! All ingredients are listed below…


Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie

Want to be mentally transported to a tropical island? Make this smoothie and drink it in a sunny/warm spot in your home like I did :P.


Berry Beautiful Smoothie


When food has such a naturally beautiful, vibrant colour, you know that it’s good for you! This smoothie isn’t just easy on the eyes, it’s the full package, loaded with yummy flavours and health benefits!

The colour, taste and benefits come from using a mixture of berries, including blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. As I have mentioned before, combining different types of berries is even better than just using one because they enhance each others antioxidant capacity! The antioxidant capacity of various fruits individually has been found to be less than the same amount of a mixture of fruits.


Matcha Green Tea Smoothie


I’m going to continue showing matcha green tea some love with my second matcha recipe of the week! This smoothie is full of other great ingredients too, including the protein filled spirulina and chlorophyll packed wheat grass.

Matcha is 10 times more beneficial than green tea in terms of its nutritional value and antioxidant content. It is made of straight, stoneground tea leaves, so you are consuming the entire leaf. The tea leaves are grown in the shade, which results in increased chlorophyll levels, turns the leaves a darker shade of green, and causes the production of amino acids. These altered growing conditions result in matcha having a sweeter taste than normal green tea.