Cucumber Mango Salad


Hold onto summer with this sweet and refreshing salad! This simple salad boasts a great taste and benefits your body. Cucumber is full of water and many nutrients; mango is often nick-named “the king of fruits” due to it’s abundance of nutrients and health benefits; and avocado is the king of all food in my heart because of it’s healthy fats, high nutritional value and creamy texture!


Smoked Salmon Flat Bread


I think this is my new favourite way to enjoy smoked salmon! I’ve been having fun experimenting with making different flat breads lately, (aka fancy pizzas), because I bought a gluten and dairy free Flax Pizza Kit by O’Doughs that I’ve really enjoyed! The kit comes with 4 crusts that can be used to make pizza, garlic bread, or whatever your heart desires! This smoked salmon flat bread is definitely my favourite meal that I made using the crusts. The next time I make it, I’m going to try it with either a cauliflower crust, or my dairy and gluten free crust.


Mango Black Bean Guacamole


I love guacamole so much that I often end up making a big batch and eating it as a meal! Since I was doing this so often I realized that I should probably add a source of good protein into it to make it more of a complete meal. Now whenever I make guac I always add either hemp hearts, like I did in Mama’s Guac, or black beans. Both are a good source of protein and add a great taste and texture to the guacamole!


Breakfast Burrito Toast


Eggs aren’t the only thing that can take a burrito from dinner to breakfast. Take some of your favourite burrito fillings and pile them on top of toast, and BAM, breakfast burrito toast!

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