banana bread

Banana Bread French Toast – GF, DF


How do you top banana bread? Banana bread FRENCH TOAST of course!

FullSizeRender-14Once you have made the banana bread, (try one of these), it is really easy to make this! Do I want this for breakfast or dessert? Yes and yes.


Banana Bread Bake Off *Gluten and Dairy Free*


Contestant #1 Rice flour banana bread from the book, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S GLUTEN-FREE


Contestant #2: Buckwheat flour banana bread from the blog of our March Book Club, JOYOUS HEALTH


Banana bread is one of my all time favourite things to eat! I recently found out that I am sensitive to dairy and wheat, so I have been on the hunt for some gluten and dairy free versions of my favourite food. I was so happy when I found a gluten and dairy free loaf of banana bread at the supermarket, but that happiness was short lived because it was disgusting – it had a very weird chalky taste and texture. I felt deflated, thinking this was a nasty preview of my gluten-free future… but then my gluten-free fairy godmother invited me to bake with her, and these magical loaves were born!