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Cashew Milkshake (without the milk…)

Cashew SmoothieI have been obsessing about this smoothie, because it mimics the feel of a milkshake for me without any dairy. Both Erin and I share a love of milkshakes – even in the winter, but with Erin eliminating dairy, and me cutting it down, I’ve been on the lookout for a dairy-free alternative.

Enter… CASHEWS! Well, at least for me. Erin has to avoid cashews as well, but you could swap cashews for Brazil nuts for that creamy texture. The frozen bananas thicken the smoothie up and make it cold like a milkshake while the nuts give it that velvety texture. I could drink this every day!


Test Dummies: Joyous Health Minty Fresh Toothpaste

Joyous Health Minty Fresh Toothpaste


I wanted to alternate my typical routine of brushing my teeth with soap (more on that here), with a paste that had a baking soda base. Erin just featured Joyous Health as her Book of the Month and I wanted to learn more about it, so I checked out Joy’s website. Guess what… she has a toothpaste with a baking soda base (SCORE).

When I visited The Yoga Show last month I knew I wanted to pop by the Joyous Health booth to purchase it. Little did I know, Joy would be there in real life. She was so kind and helpful, I was going to buy the toothpaste anyways, but it made me feel extra happy that I was supporting a local business and a fellow female!


Organic Gardening Series: Part 1

Organic Gardening

These are our little seedlings that will be planted in the garden this year, can you guess what is what?

This year Erin and I will be planting a food garden in the backyard so we can have local, organic produce during the late spring through to early fall.  We really wanted to share this experience with you to show how easy and fun organic gardening can be at home.


Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreen

Source Image: weheartit

Now that spring is here and the weather is (…slowly) warming up in Canada, I thought I’d do a post on choosing a more natural sunscreen. I’m a huge sun-lover. If someone told me I was some type of fabulous water lizard in another life, I would believe them. There are few things I love more than a beach and sunny weather. That being said, I also don’t want to end up looking like a human lizard as I age – so sun protection is important.


Vegetarian Mini Quiche with Spinach and Sweet Potato Crust

photo 4

I receive eggs every two weeks from a coworker who has her own coop (I would love to have one myself one day!!!) and sometimes I get her notification that my new order of eggs is ready but I haven’t even finished the last bunch. So, I decided to use up some eggs by making this mini quiche. These little yummy bundles are great for dinner, and keep well for lunch the next day. I’ve included some cheese and butter in mine, but listed modifications to make it dairy-free as well. Read on for a detailed recipe.


Test Dummies: Earth Science Naturals Creamy Fruit Oil Cleanser

photo 5

I had just run out of my old cleanser and needed something to replace it. However, I was in a rush and grabbed this without reading the ingredients as well as I should have, and now I have regrets 😦 (more…)

Black Bean Burgers

Dressed up Black Bean Burger

I didn’t have any buns!! It’s an open faced burger, but feel free to imagine buns in there if you want? (How do you say buns without sounding silly?…)

If you were to ask me what dish I’d serve to a group of non-vegetarians on #MeatlessMonday, this would be the crowd-pleasing choice. As a vegetarian, sometimes people think you need to compromise on flavour because you don’t have meat. This could NOT be further from the truth, and this recipe is proof of that. Usually when I serve this to friends or family members, the next time I’m cooking, they’re asking me to make it again.

More proof of how delicious this dish is- I told my dad I was making them for dinner and he conveniently stopped by the house to eat one (literally 20 minutes after our phone call he was at my door)… Can’t blame him, it’s one of my favourite meals to make for myself too :).

Read on for ingredients and recipe directions. (more…)