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School Snacks Series: Chia Pudding

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It is back to school time, which is extra exciting for me because I am headed back to school both as a teacher AND a student! This week I’ll be starting my 2nd, and final, year as a student of holistic nutrition (!!!); and I’m also headed back to school as a kindergarten teacher 🙂  I’ve decided to combine my passions for nutrition and helping children through a little series about packing healthy lunches for kids!

Packing a lunch can sometimes feel like a tedious chore, but it’s really important because children need to eat healthy snacks at school to provide them with energy, helping them to concentrate and do their best. Unfortunately, not all foods provide this desirable effect, and can in fact result in hyperactivity, fatigue, or distracting stomach aches.


Cherry Chia Pudding


Broccoli Cabbage Soup

Broccoli and cabbage soupThis is my favourite soup for the following reasons:

  1. It is so simple to make, and is ready in about 20 minutes
  2. It only contains nutrient-packed, whole food ingredients that I always seem to have in my fridge
  3. Somehow it tastes SO good! When you read the ingredients, it might not scream “YUM” to you… but it really is just so delicious!

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