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Almond Flour Pancakes – GF, DF

Coconut Flour Pancakes - Kicking It Whole School#Gluten&DairyFreeFriday #GDFFriday

I felt like having pancakes for dinner, and I wanted to try out a new recipe from our book of the month, Joyous Health, so I decided to give her Coconut Flour Banana Pancakes a try – only problem was, I didn’t have any coconut flour! I did however have almond flour… I had no clue if the two could be substituted for each other, but I decided to give it a try.



Simple Wheat and Dairy Free Pancakes


Gluten and dairy free pancake heaven made with a banana and eggs!

These pancakes are so easy to make, and so good for you! The only ingredients that you need for the actual pancakes are eggs and bananas! No wheat or dairy, and full of protein. See below for the recipe…