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Banana Bread Bake Off *Gluten and Dairy Free*


Contestant #1 Rice flour banana bread from the book, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S GLUTEN-FREE


Contestant #2: Buckwheat flour banana bread from the blog of our March Book Club, JOYOUS HEALTH


Banana bread is one of my all time favourite things to eat! I recently found out that I am sensitive to dairy and wheat, so I have been on the hunt for some gluten and dairy free versions of my favourite food. I was so happy when I found a gluten and dairy free loaf of banana bread at the supermarket, but that happiness was short lived because it was disgusting – it had a very weird chalky taste and texture. I felt deflated, thinking this was a nasty preview of my gluten-free future… but then my gluten-free fairy godmother invited me to bake with her, and these magical loaves were born!



Vegetarian Mini Quiche with Spinach and Sweet Potato Crust

photo 4

I receive eggs every two weeks from a coworker who has her own coop (I would love to have one myself one day!!!) and sometimes I get her notification that my new order of eggs is ready but I haven’t even finished the last bunch. So, I decided to use up some eggs by making this mini quiche. These little yummy bundles are great for dinner, and keep well for lunch the next day. I’ve included some cheese and butter in mine, but listed modifications to make it dairy-free as well. Read on for a detailed recipe.


Blueberry Grape Spinach Smoothie

FullSizeRenderHealthy smoothies are often sweetened with bananas, however I’ve read that bananas can increase mucus production… so when my sinus issues are really acting up I try to stay away from them. That is when I turn to grapes to help sweeten my veggie packed smoothies!

Another great benefit of using grapes is that when they are paired with blueberries, (as they are in this smoothie), they enhance each others antioxidant capacity! The antioxidant capacity of various fruits individually (apples, oranges, blueberries, grapes) has been found to be less than the same amount of a mixture of fruits.

Grapes are on the Dirty Dozen list, which means they have one of the highest concentrations of pesticide residue, so make sure you buy them organic!


Mango Salsa

FullSizeRender-4I just love mango salsa. I often have a big container of it stashed in the fridge because I seem to put it on everything these days! You have already seen it on my Kimchi and Mango Salsa Avocado Toast recipe, and you will be seeing it used again very soon in other tasty recipes coming up! So I thought I should show you how to make the salsa before I keep posting about it 🙂

Black Bean Burgers

Dressed up Black Bean Burger

I didn’t have any buns!! It’s an open faced burger, but feel free to imagine buns in there if you want? (How do you say buns without sounding silly?…)

If you were to ask me what dish I’d serve to a group of non-vegetarians on #MeatlessMonday, this would be the crowd-pleasing choice. As a vegetarian, sometimes people think you need to compromise on flavour because you don’t have meat. This could NOT be further from the truth, and this recipe is proof of that. Usually when I serve this to friends or family members, the next time I’m cooking, they’re asking me to make it again.

More proof of how delicious this dish is- I told my dad I was making them for dinner and he conveniently stopped by the house to eat one (literally 20 minutes after our phone call he was at my door)… Can’t blame him, it’s one of my favourite meals to make for myself too :).

Read on for ingredients and recipe directions. (more…)

Book Club – Joyous Health

IMG_7154Each month we will be focusing on a book, either featuring one that we love, or something new that we can explore with you!

For the month of March we will be focusing on the book, Joyous Health, Eat and Live Well Without Dieting by Joy McCarthy, which features many healthy and delicious recipes, as well as a great deal of easy to understand holistic health information.


Morning Lemon Water

warm lemon water#ThemeSongThursday

Continue reading for the benefits of starting your day off with warm lemon water, and to find out what lemon water’s very own theme song is!