Cucumber Mango Salad


Hold onto summer with this sweet and refreshing salad! This simple salad boasts a great taste and benefits your body. Cucumber is full of water and many nutrients; mango is often nick-named “the king of fruits” due to it’s abundance of nutrients and health benefits; and avocado is the king of all food in my heart because of it’s healthy fats, high nutritional value and creamy texture!


Mango Black Bean Guacamole


I love guacamole so much that I often end up making a big batch and eating it as a meal! Since I was doing this so often I realized that I should probably add a source of good protein into it to make it more of a complete meal. Now whenever I make guac I always add either hemp hearts, like I did in Mama’s Guac, or black beans. Both are a good source of protein and add a great taste and texture to the guacamole!


Mango Salsa

FullSizeRender-4I just love mango salsa. I often have a big container of it stashed in the fridge because I seem to put it on everything these days! You have already seen it on my Kimchi and Mango Salsa Avocado Toast recipe, and you will be seeing it used again very soon in other tasty recipes coming up! So I thought I should show you how to make the salsa before I keep posting about it 🙂