theme song thursday

Grilled Chocolate and Almond Butter Sandwich


It is Theme Song Thursday! The theme song for this gluten and dairy free Grilled Chocolate and Almond Butter sandwich says it all…


Gluten and Dairy Free Pizza Crust


Pizza has always been one of my top favourite things to eat! But until recently, my type of pizza didn’t look like what you see above. I wanted my pizza to be piled high with pepperoni and lots of melted cheese (plus some garlic dipping sauce never hurt), and I looked forward to eating that pizza every weekend. This came to a halt when my holistic nutritionist told me that it looked like I probably had a dairy sensitivity, and that I should cut it out of my diet for a few months. A few MONTHS!? Months without PIZZA!?

Well as you can imagine I was sad thinking that I had lost my beloved pizza nights, but then Sasha introduced me to the vegan pizza that is made at Whole Foods, and it was SO good! In fact, it was so good that it took me a while to believe her that it was actually dairy free. It fully satisfied my pizza cravings, and soon became one of my regular dairy-free treats. BUT THEN… after taking a blood test, I found out that I was quite sensitive to dairy AND wheat, and I was advised to stay away from both of them for at least 6 months. This meant no more vegan pizza from Whole Foods, as they do not have a gluten free crust 😦

*womp, womp*

So for the past couple of months I had been looking for a new way to enjoy pizza, trying out cauliflower crust and gluten free pita bread; both were good, but didn’t fully satisfy my pizza cravings. I wasn’t feeling hopeful about finding an awesome gluten free substitution… but then I found THIS, my new love!


Banana Bread Bake Off *Gluten and Dairy Free*


Contestant #1 Rice flour banana bread from the book, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S GLUTEN-FREE


Contestant #2: Buckwheat flour banana bread from the blog of our March Book Club, JOYOUS HEALTH


Banana bread is one of my all time favourite things to eat! I recently found out that I am sensitive to dairy and wheat, so I have been on the hunt for some gluten and dairy free versions of my favourite food. I was so happy when I found a gluten and dairy free loaf of banana bread at the supermarket, but that happiness was short lived because it was disgusting – it had a very weird chalky taste and texture. I felt deflated, thinking this was a nasty preview of my gluten-free future… but then my gluten-free fairy godmother invited me to bake with her, and these magical loaves were born!


Pesto Hash with Smoked Salmon

Kicking It Whole School - Pesto Hash with Smoked Salmon#ThemeSongThursday

Last week I made this delicious Kale Walnut Almond Pesto from our book of the month, Joyous Health, by Joy McCarthy. It is so good that I have been slathering it on everything, with one of those things being this potato hash dish that I made for breakfast!

Kicking It Whole School - Kale Walnut Almond Pesto from Joyous Health

Kale Walnut Almond Pesto from Joyous Health

I love making potato hash dishes, but I often have them for dinner because I don’t usually leave myself enough time in the morning to both cook and eat at home before leaving for work. Normally I only give myself enough time to make a quick smoothie that I can bring with me and drink on my way. However, yesterday morning I knew I had some left over boiled potatoes, and I had a little bit of extra time, so I decided to cook myself a warm breakfast! Taking some time to sit and eat my breakfast instead of rushing out of the door with it was such a relaxing start to my day! I am now rethinking my usual strategy of sleeping in as long as possible and getting ready in the shortest amount of time – trading it in for waking up a bit earlier, and feeling like I have all the time in the world… *cue theme song*


Superfood Six Layer Dip (GF, DF, V)



This beauty is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, oh so healthy, and SO YUMMY!


  1. Hemp Hearts
  2. Garlic
  3. Avocado
  4. Nutritional Yeast
  5. Kimchi
  6. Mango
  7. Turmeric


Morning Lemon Water

warm lemon water#ThemeSongThursday

Continue reading for the benefits of starting your day off with warm lemon water, and to find out what lemon water’s very own theme song is!


Pal/Valentine’s Day Beet Brownies – Gluten and Dairy Free!

Healthy Beet BrowniesI saw a recipe for beet brownies on Move Nourish Believe so Erin and I decided to try baking… which is kind of a stretch for us. Trust me, we LOVE baked goods, but I personally don’t always enjoy following recipes and measurements closely. So here went nothing!


Just a couple of gal pals trying to bake